Rhodes Tour with Guide

€32 per person

Our professional guide will take you on a journey back through time as you explore some of the historic & cultural attractions of the island.
Filerimos: a shaded walk along the cedar lined pathway, depicts the different stages of Christ’s walk to his crucifixion; leading you to the large cross that proudly stands on the top of the mountain.
Valley of the Butterflies: this cool, serene wooded valley is a sweet smelling nature reserve and a natural habitat for the Articiidae butterfly.
Embona: Stop for lunch in the quaint village of Embona after a spot of wine tasting!Sample some local liqueurs and visit a traditional Greek house.
Kamiros: Otherwise known as the Pompei of Rhodes – the foundations of this ancient city have been preserved after being discovered only last century.
Seven Springs: connecting with Mother Earth, this refreshing oasis is a sanctuary from the afternoon sun. Take a dip in the cool spring waters that form a lake.
* Lunch and drinks are not included in the price. Please note that the cost for the archaeological sites is not included in the price.


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