Excursions in Rhodes & Guided Tours


Rhodes is full of great places to visit and lots of interesting activities to make your holiday truly memorable!

Excursions in Rhodes & Guided Tours

Rhodes has a huge variety of historical sites dating back over 2400 years and places of unique natural beauty that will make a huge difference in your holiday. Once you had your fill of history, culture and natural beauty there is still more to do! Sailing, Scuba diving, Wine tasting, Jeep Safari, a lazy day boat cruise or a day in the Water park are great ways to enjoy your holidays in Rhodes. Here you will find some of the best value excursions, day trips and guided tour activities available in Rhodes and the nearby islands.

Excursions by bus are an excellent opportunity to experience all that Rhodes has to offer! The bus will pick you up at Sunday Hotel and take you to your favourite destination where you will be free to explore.

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Excursions by Bus

Lindos by Bus

€22 per person

Lindos is a coastal city that captivates every visitor. It offers panoramic views that tell a thousand stories. Surrounded by turquoise waters, a whitewashed town sprawled at the foot of a rocky hill...

Kalithea by Bus

€16 per person

Kallithea with its famous thermal springs are perfectly situated 9km from the Rhodes city. Known since antiquity for their healing properties, the thermal springs of Kallithea have always been a favou...

Butterfly Valley by Bus

€15 per person

On the west side of Rhodes, lies the Valley of the Butterflies. This is one of the most attractive destinations in Rhodes. Here you will have the opportunity to explore a valley of ancient sweet gum t...

Excursions by boat are a great way to experience the coast line of Rhodes and nearby islands! All excursion by boat comes with a return free transfer from Sunday Hotel.

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Excursions by Boat

Symi by Boat

€32 per person

Sail the Aegean to one of the most picturesque islands of Greece, Symi. Stopping at Panormitis you will have time to visit the beautiful monastery of Panormitis that date from the 18th century. You wi...

Lindos by Boat

€32 per person

Sail to the coastal city of Lindos and experience the beautiful views on the way along the east coast of Rhodes island. The traditional settlement of Lindos, a whitewashed town hugging the foot of a r...

Bay to Bay by Boat

€28 per person

Sail down the east cost of Rhodes and experience some of the finest beaches of Rhodes. This excursion will take you to Kalithea, the famous Anthony Quinn Bay, Tsambika and Stegna Beaches. At Stegna be...

Guided tours offer great value for money and an ideal way to experience Rhodes. With professional guides and experienced local hosts you will have the opportunity to learn everything about your favourite places.

Click on the title to check all the articles for great advice and lots of information about each excursion!

Tours with Guide

Rhodes Tour with Guide

€32 per person

Our professional guide will take you on a journey back through time as you explore some of the historic & cultural attractions of the island. This excursion will take you to Filerimos, the Valley of t...

Experience Monolithos!

€65 per person

Visit Monolithos and experience the authentic Rhodian village lifestyle in a magnificent part of Rhodes with the most hospitable local hosts. You will visit the vineyards, the historical landmarks and...

Every year we find the best excursion providers in Rhodes and we guarantee great service and value for money.

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