Jeep Safari hosted by Rhodes Adventures

€67 per person

A full day packed with adventure and off road driving is the best way to experience all the hidden treasures Rhodes has to offer! Indeed the Jeep Safari experience will take you to places you would never be able to see otherwise. This extraordinary journey is guaranteed to create beautiful memories and a unique experience, where fun, safety and environmental consciousness are on top of the list. Meet Rhodes off-the-beaten-tracks!

Jeep Safari with a professional driver

In case of safari with drivers we use Land Rover Defenders for 9 persons. These cars are as well open and closed with roll cage and a soft top or hard top and have seatbelts in the back. Minimum is 6 persons.

North Safari with Land Rover and professional driver

The first route will be one and half hours of driving with a beautiful aerial view of the Butterfly area. Our first official stop will be in Archipoli for honey tasting where costumers will taste different local product such as honeys, souma, olive oil, local sweets & fresh seasonal fruits. Next, we will continue to the top of Mount Profitis Ilias from where we will have a breathtaking 360 view over the island. Off-roads we will drive to Apollona for a traditional Greek Meze lunch with view over the Attavyros. Lunch is optional and cost 12€ per person. Partly off-roads we will pass the villages Embona and Kritinia to end up at Kritinia Castle where guests have the chance to explore. At last we will have a short stop at the beach of Fanes where guests can take a refreshing dive before heading back towards Theologos.

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