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Sail the Aegean to one of the most picturesque islands of Greece, Symi. Stopping at Panormitis you will have time to visit the beautiful monastery of Panormitis that date from the 18th century. You will then board again to sail to the harbour town of Symi. Entering the harbour is a breathtaking experience. There you you will be greeted by an amphitheatre of the most beautiful neo-classical houses and the steep hills. In Symi you will have 3 hours to explore as you choose. Watch the video from Ralph Grizzle, the AvidCruiser, with a walk through Symi and all the great things to do!

Top Things to Do on Symi Island

Here is a list of the top things to do from the famous travel blog Travel Greece, Travel Europe.

Visit Panormitis

A famous landmark on Symi is the 18th-century Monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis. This monastery is on the southwest coast, overlooking the sea. Legend has it that the Archangel will often hear the prayers of the monasteries visitors as long as they promise to come back to Symi with a present.

Take Photos or Video from the Ferry Boat

Gliding into Yialos, which is Symi’s harbor town, is surely one of the highlights. Be sure you are out on the deck while the boat is approaching to grab some video or a few panoramic shots. Symi harbor is set like a gorgeous amphitheater, where two- and three-storey stone homes painted in a range of pastels are stacked down lush hillsides. It is simply stunning to take it all in as you approach.

Stroll Yialos Harbor

You’ll get off at Yialos. Take a stroll along the harbor where there are little fishing boats bobbing in the water and usually fishermen tending to their nets.

Agios Ioannis Church

While in Yialos, check out this 19th-century church’s bell tower. I also loved the intricate stone pebbled mosaic floors on the outside grounds of the church. The inside of this church is also very beautiful to see.

Symi Folk Museum

Another one of the things to do during your day trip to Symi is check out the little museums. They are in Yialos. The Folk Museum is housed in a neoclassical building and features Hellenistic and Roman sculptures and inscriptions as well as more recent carvings, icons and costumes.

Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum is near the Folk Museum in Yialos. Here you can learn about the interesting sponge diving culture of the Dodecanese islands. Take a look at tools, model ships and vintage anchors used in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Buy a Sea Sponge

Symi was once one of the world’s great sponge-diving centers. One of the best souvenirs to take home is a funny looking sea sponge.  You’ll see lots of sponge shops selling all types of natural sea sponges which are perfect for loofah use, bath time and for exfoliation. Living in Greece, I have completely abandoned the plastic bath sponge. This is the way to go.

Hike Up to the Chorio

One of the top things to do on your day trip to Symi is get walking up that hill! It isn’t a long hike but you do need to take hundreds of steps (500 to be exact) to get to the panoramic views of the hilltop village called Chorio.

There are a few “entrances,” I don’t think you can go wrong. The “official” steps are called Kali Strata which means good way/walk. The truth is the ascent isn’t hard if you are fairly fit. There’s shade here and there. Plus, you’ll want to stop to admire the homes and architecture along the way. The top can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes but it took us way longer because we meandered this way and that.

Once you get to Chorio, there’s a quiet central square with not much going on except a well-reputed restaurant and a few cafes. Here you can take a breather and order a refreshment or coffee.

Stop at Megali Panagia Church for a Panoramic View

Keep walking up another five minutes from the Chorio’s square to get to this whitewashed church (also known as Panagia Tou Kastrou)  for a beautiful panoramic view. We were advised by a nice local that this is the place to go and he even walked us the entire way to make sure we wouldn’t get lost. Gotta love the wonderful Greek people.

See What Remains of Historic Castle Walls

From Megali Panagia, you can look out at the fragments of an ancient acropolis that once protected the town, as well as remnants of a 16th-century castle built by the Knights of St. John.

Visit Emborios

The traditional village of Emborios is Symi’s second port. Locals told us they like to go swimming here. The ancient town of Metapontis was situated close by. We didn’t have a chance to go.

Bask in the Sun at Symi Beaches

During your day trip to Symi you may want to check out the beaches. Pedi Beach is a popular one. On August 15, there’s a traditional folk festival here at the monastery of Panagia Altheini.

Marathounda Bay, Yiorgos Disalonas and Nanou are all secluded beaches with lovely settings and clear waters. Other beaches are situated on small islets around Symi including Agia Marina, Agios Emilianos, Nimos and Sesklia.

Eat extremely tasty sea food freshly caught from the locals

Symi is well known for the extremely good tavernas along its harbour, so take this opportunity and sample some fine local meze.

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