Eat & Dance in our Greek Night

All major social events in Greece revolve around dancing, eating and drinking. Here in Sunday Hotel Rhodes we organise a traditional evening with live entertainment and authentic Greek tastes, designed to give you a proper taste of Greek hospitality. So this Thursday our restaurant will be offering a complete dinner buffet with many home made, authentic Greek recipes, and our four dancers in traditional costumes will take you through a magical dancing journey. This special all you can eat buffet has a large variety of authentic Greek food, designed to give you a taste of the best our kitchen has to offer. Please ask for more information at the reception or sign up at the bar.

Dinner is served at 20:00pm and the dance show starts at 21:00pm.

Adults: 15€

Children (under 12 y.o): 10€


Enjoy a big buffet with the authentic traditional home made Greek recipes like Mousaka, Lazagne, Chicken in the oven, Tzatziki, Greek salad, Souzoukakia as well as dishes suitable for vegetarians.

Live dance show with 4 dancers dressed in traditional Greek outfits.

Be part of the show with interactive dances like ZORBAS and SIRTAKI and learn how to dance like a Greek.

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  1. This was the best Greek night ever! The food buffet was amazing, the dancer were incredible. The stuff made sure everyone had a great time. Thank you for a great Greek night!

  2. Great Night! Thank you for organising it. The food was great and the dancers gave it all.

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