Corona Virus – is my booking cancelled?

As of Saturday 14 March 2020 all hotels in Greece will remain temporarily closed until 30 April 2020 as the government decided in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Therefore all bookings with check in date before 30 April 2020 are cancelled due to force major.  This article will answer most frequent questions that we have received in the last few days regarding your bookings with us.

Can I change my travel dates?

All modifications of existing reservations are possible and without any penalties even if the booking policy stated otherwise (i.e non refundable reservations). This is always subject to availability that you can check online at real time on Any differences in prices will be compensated or charged accordingly.

If I cancel my booking will I be refunded?

At the moment there is a large number of cancellations and refund request and it is honestly difficult to handle them all. However everyone with a booking in the affected dates will get the total amount of the booking as a discount for any future reservation. Otherwise we will refund you if and when that is possible. We sincerely hope for your understanding in this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience.

If you cancel a booking that is not affected by the forceful closure of hotels then the standard cancellation of your booking policy applies.

If your booking was made through a travel agent or an online travel agency (i.e, expedia, airbnb etc) please refer to them for refunds if your cancellation policy allows for refund. However please remember that this is a very difficult time for the global travel and hospitality industry and they may take some time to respond or handle requests too.

All cancellations that were made before 15 March 2020 are unaffected by this and the standard cancellation policy applies.

Can I still make a booking for dates that are not affected?

At the moment you can still make bookings with check in dates from 1 May 2020 onward. However please keep in mind that things may change without any notice. We will try to keep you informed of new developments.

Has the corona virus arrived in Rhodes yet?

On the positive side we have no confirmed case of the corona virus in Rhodes and the Greek governments response seems to have contained the outbreak to some extend. In Greece in general the infected count is relatively small.

The government has also announced that everyone coming in the country will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine. Also at the moment access to almost everything is restricted, Restaurants, bars and shops are closed for the public and will only deliver. Even access to organised beaches is restricted. Only supermarkets, banks and pharmacies are operating at the moment

I am currently checked in the hotel. Do I have to leave?

Unfortunately all guests currently staying in the hotel must evacuate until Saturday 21 March 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us to make arrangements.

How can I contact you if I need more information.

You can call us on +30 2241093740 and wait to be connected with a member of our reservations department. You can also email us at We hope that the corona virus pandemic will be handled soon and that thing will return to normal. We will try to keep you informed of new developments.

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