Epta Piges (Seven Springs)
Epta Piges is an ideal retreat with unforgettable natural beauty and a wonderful place to escape from the heat of the summer and enjoy the unspoiled natural scenery. The seven bubbling springs generate water all year long, collecting in a man-made lake that is the natural habitat of tortoises, eels, crabs and a rare species of fish called Gizani that lives in  fresh water and can be found exclusively in the rivers and creeks of Rhodes.  The access to the lake is really popular with visitors and an unforgettable experience because to get to the lake you have to walk through a very narrow dark tunnel approximately 200m long. Walking through the dark tunnel with your feet in the running water, is definitely an unforgettable experience that can be particularly refreshing. For those that the trip through the dark tunnel is not ideal, there is a walking path leading to the lake. The lake itself is used as a depository for the irrigation of Kolymbia and it is the only natural place in Rhodes where visitors can enjoy a swim in fresh water. Surrounding the springs there are majestic pine trees and rich Mediterranean vegetation with rustic wooden bridges and a multitude of footpaths where geese, ducks and peacocks have their natural habitat.
The valley of the butterflies also known as Petaloudes is a place of immense natural beauty. It is also a unique natural reserve as it is the only natural forest of Oriental Sweetgum trees in Europe, and a resting point for the Panaxia Quadripunctaria butterfly. The valley is an excellent place for nature lovers as well as families with children who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature and examine the life cycle of butterflies as part of their summer holiday. Visitors will love the peaceful walk through the stone carved paths of the shaded, green valley with its small river and beautiful waterfalls. During the peak of the summer the trees are covered with butterflies that often fly in groups creating an unforgettable show of red and black colours.  In the Valley of the Butterflies, there is also a restored Italian house of the 30s that houses the museum of the Butterflies. Here guests will find extensive information about the flora and fauna in the reserve as well as the hatchery, where a number of butterflies reproduce in a protected area.
The Valley of the Butterflies
Filerimos is a hill overlooking the Ialyssos with views stretching to the bay of Ixia. This place of immense natural beauty as well as historical importance offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea as well as an excellent opportunity for hiking among numerous cypress and pine trees. At the top of the hill you can visit the Monastery of Filerimos as well as ruins from the temple of Athena that was part of the ancient acropolis of Ialysos. The Monastery of Filerimos dates from the era of the Knights of Saint John that built the Medieval Castle in Rhodes city (Old Town) and it is probably one of the most romantic places on the island, thus very popular for wedding ceremonies and renewal of wedding vows . Opposite the monastery grounds you can walk along a path leading up to a 10m high cross and a scenic outlook with stunning views of the west part of the island.
Medieval city of the Knights (Old Town)
The medieval city, located in the heart of Rhodes was built by the famous Order of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, the Hospitallers, was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.  It is one of the very few cities from the medieval world that survives intact, including its walls until today. The “Old Town” as it is commonly called today is still alive and vibrant since you can find a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and museums as well as residential areas and walking on the cobble stone streets feels almost like travelling back in the Medieval ages.  The palace of the Grand Master of the Order, also known as “Castello”, is one of the most important monuments erected in the Middle Ages, and it was the residence of leader of the Knights of St John of Rhodes, as well as the commanding centre of the city. Today it houses the Museum of Rhodes, and has an extensive array of exhibits for visitors to admire and immerse in the era of the Knights. Also worth visiting is the Knights’ Hospital, one of the first in the world to perform complex medical procedures, that now houses the Archaeological Museum, with exhibits from the 2400 year long history of the island. Finally the Museum of Modern Greek Art is also located in the Old Town and visitors can make the most of the guided tours around the exhibition and experience unforgettable display of modern Greek culture.
Medieval city of the Knights
Acropolis of Rhodes
The Acropolis is located on Monte Smith in the city of Rhodes. Structures at this site date back to the Hellenistic period (3rd to 2nd century BC). The partially renovated structures at the Acropolis include the Temple of Pythian Apollo, the Stadium, the Odeion and the Nymphaia. The excavations and restoration work began during the Italian governance of the island (1912-1945) and continue to this day. The acropolis of Rhodes is an open archaeological park and some believe that it was one of the possible locations of the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
Acropolis of Lindos
Overlooking the traditional village of Lindos with its white houses and its narrow streets sits the majestic citadel, built from the Knights of Saint John, that surround the ancient acropolis of Lindos. Today, the ascent to the Acropolis follows the same steep path as in antiquity. Outside the castle the visitor is greeted by the stern of a ship carved on the rock. The relief depicts a triemiolia, the characteristic type of ancient Rhodian warship, and was the base of an admiral’s statue, Agesandrus, made by the sculptor Pythokritos.  The medieval castle, with the Knights’ coats of arms still hanging intact like sleepless guardians, encloses the entire surface of the hill. Its massive walls follow the natural terrain and have a circumference that reaches 508 m. in length. The external staircase of the fort leads to the main administrative building and also to the nearby Byzantine church of St. John.  The ancient sanctuary occupies the top of the acropolis. To reach the temple of Athena, one passes through the great Doric stoa and then ascends the 34 stairs that end up to the propylaea. The view of the restored monuments clearly illustrates the ancient architect’s calculation for perspective and emphasis to theatricality. The Doric temple of Athena is built at the peak of the rocky hill, where the stepped ascending route reaches its end. Its prominent location offers a spectacular panoramic view of the other monuments and the sea. The temple that is preserved today was built in the second half of the 4th century or in the early Hellenistic period, succeeding Kleoboulos’ temple, which was burned down in 392 BC. According to the Chronicle of Lindos, the most important ancient source about the sanctuary, the cult statue of the goddess in the second temple was of a style similar to Pheidias’ gold-and-ivory statue of Athena in the Parthenon.  Beyond the acropolis, other monuments of the ancient city can be seen today scattered in the wider area. Below the temple of Athena lies the ancient theatre, built on the NW side of the hill, and next to it the Tetrastoon, a building most probably used for cult rituals. To the NE of the acropolis lies Voukopion, an area of sacrifices, as evidenced by the 38 inscriptions preserved in the surrounding rocks. Another two important monuments are Archokrateion and the Tomb of Kleovoulos, namely the tombs of two eminent families of ancient Lindos. Both monuments were later converted to Christian churches. The traditional settlement of Lindos is an attraction in itself. The sight of the 15th century church of Panayia and the many mansions dated as early as the 17th century bear witness to a glory which never faded over the course of history.
Lindos Temple
Golf course in Afantou
Golf course in Afantou
Afantou golf is an 18-hole (73-par) course with a total surface of 6800 yards, designed by the British world-famous golf course architect, Donald Harradine. Since The course has been operating since May 1973 and offers a lay out and tactical features that present a challenge to good scoring both for amateurs and professionals. The trees fairways and greens are laid with different types of grass selected to keep the course green throughout the year. The Golf Club is open all year round with nominal admission fees. Caddies, caddy carts, golf clubs and balls as well as instructions are available for hire.
Wind & kite surfing
The west coast of Rhodes is ideal for water sport lovers, especially wind and kite surfers. There are numerous surfing huts along the coast that provide equipment for hire ranging from beginners  to professional. At the surfing huts there are also other water sport related activities such as jet ski rentals, paddle boats, snorkling equipment etc.
water sports
scuba diving trips
Scuba diving
In Rhodes there are a number of licensed companies that offer scuba diving trips and under water adventures for all levels of experience.  With qualified instructors’ guidance. They offer practical as well as theoretical lessons and state of the art equipment as well as free transfers to the diving locations and back.

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